"Alexa, what's my balance?"

With the Enrichment Amazon Alexa Skill, you have the ability to make transactions on your accounts with interactive voice technology. With a few quick password security verifications, you can securely check balances, make payments, and monitor your accounts 24/7.

  • Check balances on your account
  • Transfer money
  • Make your loan payment
  • Receive a text or email receipt of your transaction 
 It's as easy as saying, "Alexa, transfer $100.00 from my checking account to my loan payment." 
The Amazon Alexa app can be found in both the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can search for the Enrichment Voice Teller Skill and enable it. Download our user guide and follow the prompts when you open the skill to set up your account. We continue to enhance this skill to add new functionality to make managing your finances easier from anywhere at anytime! Click here to view our Alexa Skill Privacy Policy (PDF).

Enrichment Voice Teller User Guide

What account number do I enter to get started with the Enrichment Alexa Skill?
When entering your account number, enter the letters EFCU (all caps), followed by your account number. (Example: EFCU123456)
What password do I use for the Alexa Voice Teller?
You need online banking set up to use the Enrichment Alexa Skill to access your account. Your password for Alexa will be the same password you currently use for online banking. 
How do I use the Enrichment Alexa skill? 
Click here to for instructions on the set-up, commands, and trouble-shooting tips for your Enrichment Alexa Skill.