"Ok Google, Talk to Enrichment Voice Teller."

Our Enrichment Voice Teller Action gives you access to your account balance, recent transaction history and more from any of your Google Assistant enabled devices like Google Home and Android or iPhone devices. 

  • Request an account balance
  • Alert Enrichment of upcoming travel
  • Cancel a lost or stolen credit or debit card
  • Get a daily summary of your accounts
You'll need to be enrolled in Online Banking to use the Enrichment Voice Teller Action. Visit our online banking page for help on getting enrolled. 


View our Google Action Privacy Policy (PDF)
What account number to I enter to get started with the Enrichment Voice Teller Action?
When entering your account number, enter the letters EFCU (all caps), followed by your account number. (Example: EFCU123456)
What password do I use for the Google Enrichment Voice Teller Action?
You need online banking set up to use the Enrichment Google Action to access your account. Your password for the Action will be the same password you currently use for online banking. 
How do I use the Enrichment Voice Teller Action?
We have a full support document to explain how the Action works and get you started. Click here for our User Command Document that includes set-up, commands, and troubleshooting tips for your Enrichment Voice Teller Action.