Card Management is here!

Total control, wherever you go.

Card Management provides peace of mind in the event your Enrichment debit or credit card gets lost or stolen, or even if you detect suspicious activity. You can access this feature from within our mobile app and online banking. Easily turn your debit and credit cards on or off and set up real-time transaction alerts to protect your accounts from unauthorized use. You are in control, anytime, anywhere!

Once enrolled you can:

  • Activate a new card
  • View all your debit and credit cards on one easy to view page
  • Block or unblock your debit and credit cards to safeguard against fraud
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Set up real-time transaction alerts for each card based on dollar amount thresholds
  • Enable or disable your cards for international transactions
  • Send travel notifications to Enrichment

How to get started

Simply log into your account and choose the “Card Management” icon from the menu.

If you already have the Enrichment mobile app, be sure you have the most up-to-date version so you can use all the latest features.


Tips for Using Card Management in your Everyday Life

Fraud Protection – Turning your debit or credit card on and off helps safeguard against fraud!

When your card is “Blocked” no withdrawals or purchases will be approved, except for previously scheduled recurring transactions

Parental Controls – Support your child’s financial needs, while managing their spending. Real-time alerts and on/off features help to control when your child uses their debit or credit card.

What is Card Management?

Card Management give members the ability to control their Debit Cards and Credit Cards from anywhere at any time.

How do I access Card Management Controls?

Log into your account via Enrichment’s Online Banking or mobile app and navigate to Card Management from the menu.

How do I use Card Management?

Click on the card you wish to manage from the Card Management screen. Each card will need to be set up initially for the new controls. Be sure to register each card for card controls. 

I lost my card and need a new one. What should I do?

You can block future new purchases immediately by accessing Card Management > Click on the card you need to manage. Select Card Replacement > Lost. You will be able to de-activate your card and instructions will be provided for getting a replacement.

I've misplaced my card and want to place a temporary block on it. Can I do that?
Yes! To do so, access the Card Management feature of Enrichment’s online banking, select Card Management > Click on the card you want to manage. Select Block/Unblock > “Block Card. If you find the card, simply go back to this screen and select “Unblock Card” to remove the block and begin using the card again. If you cannot find your card, you may report the card lost in the card management.
How long does it take for a control or alert setting to take effect?

Management and alert changes occur in real time and will take effect immediately after changes are made and saved.

If I block my card, will my recurring transactions still go through?

Yes. Merchant recurring transactions will still be approved.

I received a new card number. Will alert preferences from my old card be transferred to my new card?

No, you will need to navigate to Card Management, using Enrichment’s online banking or mobile app to set up preferences for your new card. Your new card will show up in the card management screen once it has been issued. You can activate the card and register the new card for controls. 

What if I need help with the Card Management service?
Reach out to us through online chat or you may call or text us at 800-482-0049 for assistance with debit or credit card management.