Start them young!

Our youth accounts are a great way to help teach smart saving and spending habits that grow way beyond the piggy bank. Because our children grow and change so quickly, Enrichment will get them financially ready for whatever life throws at them. 

Savings—up to age 12
  • $5.00 opening deposit
  • Reward for opening account
  • Surcharge free ATMs 
  • Dividends posted monthly

Credit Union Youth Month

April marks the start of National Credit Union Youth Month, a time when credit unions in Tennessee and nationwide unite to champion financial education for the next generation. At the heart of our movement lies the mission to empower future leaders with the tools for financial success. When children grasp the significance of savings early on, they lay the cornerstone for a prosperous tomorrow! Check out these engaging activities below to instill the value of saving in your child: 

Journey to Financial Independence

It was only yesterday, you were taking them to dance recitals and little league practice. Now they’re thinking about their first job, prom, and college! We can help get your teenagers ready for things that really matter.

eSpend Lite Checking (age 13 – 18) 
 Chat with us online and we will help you setup up your youth account today!  

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