Did you receive a letter informing you about upcoming changes to your checking account? Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our eSpend checking account and the migration of your current checking account. If you still have questions, please chat with us online or give us a call at 800-482-0049. 

Why can't I keep the checking account I have?
We recognize as a member, you expect more in your relationship with us. This is why we are providing you with more value and enhanced benefits with the new eSpend Checking. We researched and found that we needed to provide a more robust checking solution to our members with better benefit options. To simplify our offerings, we are streamlining our checking account product to allow all our members to take advantage of these new premium benefits. 
Why have I never heard of eSpend?
The new eSpend account was launched in February 2022 to provide more premium benefits including: Cell Phone Protection, Credit Bureau Monitoring, and Identity Theft Protection. This new checking account has been available to all members. Now is a good time to make sure your most current email address is on file so you can be sure to receive important communication about new products and services we offer!
Will my account number change or do I need to change my automatic withdrawals or deposit set-up?
No, your account number will not be affected with this change. Your automatic deposits and withdrawals will continue process to your account with no interruption. 
Do I need a new debit card or new checks?
No, your debit card will function just as it always has with your current checking account. You can continue using your current checks. 
Will I need to make changes to my bill pay or transfers in online banking?
No, your bill pay and transfers in online banking will continue to process the same. 
When will my checking account change to the new eSpend account?
You should have received a letter or email from Enrichment explaining the date that your checking account will migrate.  You will not need to take any special actions for the migrations. Remember you receive the first twelve months of your new eSpend account free. 
What dividend rates does Enrichment have to offer me?
Enrichment can offer you the new Ownership Rewards Account that offers a high-yield dividend rate as a "thank you' for your membership. View our rates online to find how Enrichment FCU can best fit your needs. 
Can I get the $4.99 fee waived?
Yes! The monthly fee will automatically be waived for you if 3 out of the 4 qualifications are met for the month:
  • $25,000.00 in combined loan and deposit balances
  • 25 Enrichment debit or credit card purchases
  • $750 direct deposit or aggregate remote deposits
  • Enrolled in eStatements
Does Enrichment offer any other personal checking accounts? 
Enrichment offers eSpend Lite Checking without the perks, dividends, or rewards. This checking account is free if you are enrolled in eStatements.