Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our eSpend checking account. If you still have questions, please contact Member Support through chat, text or call us at 800-482-0049. 

What is eSpend Checking?
eSpend Checking provides unrivaled security and smart savings for our members with premium benefits including: Cell Phone Protection, Credit Bureau Monitoring, and Identity Theft Protection. 
What benefits do I get with eSpend Checking?
With eSpend Checking you will receive the following benefits: 
  • ID Protect
  • Cell Phone Protection
  • Credit File Monitoring 
  • Tiered Dividends 
  • Rewards Debit Mastercard
  • Online Banking with Bill Pay 
  • Mobile Banking, eStatements, and Remote Deposit
  • Financial Wellness 360 
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Free Cashier's Checks and Money Orders 
  • Free Branded Enrichment Checks (2 boxes per year) 
How do I access my eSpend benefits?
To access your eSpend benefits you can simply click on the link within online banking and mobile banking. You will also find the link on the eSpend checking page on our website. Click to access or register for benefits.
What type of debit card is offered with eSpend Checking?
With the eSpend Checking account you will receive the MasterCard Rewards Debit card. You earn cash back rewards on all purchases made with your Rewards Debit card. Your cash back rewards are deposited into your Ownership Rewards Account which earns 5.12% APY. 
What dividend rates does Enrichment have to offer me?
eSpend Checking offers tiered dividends click to view our current rates
Can I get the $4.99 fee waived?
Yes! The monthly fee will automatically be waived for you if you are over the age of 65.
You can also have the fee waived if 2 out of the 4 qualifications are met for the month:
  • $15,000.00 in combined loan and deposit balances
  • 15 Enrichment debit or credit card purchases
  • $500 in combined direct deposits or remote deposits
  • Enrolled in eStatements
Does Enrichment offer any other personal checking accounts? 
Enrichment offers eSpend Lite Checking without the perks and dividends. This checking account is free if you are enrolled in eStatements. 
How do I change my checking account type?
If you would like to change your checking account type simply visit our website, mobile app, or online banking and click on the Change My Checking Account Type button. This will open an electronic form for you fill out, and submit to one of our Member Support Representative.