How can I get pre-approved for a mortgage loan?
To get pre-approved for a mortgage, simply apply online. Or, feel free to set up an appointment with an Enrichment Mortgage Loan Officer - simply stop by your nearest branch or call 800.482.0045. 
Prequalification is a rough calculation of the mortgage payment you can afford based on information you provide to your Mortgage Loan Officer.
Preapproval means you’re essentially ready to start shopping for a house as you have formally applied for the mortgage. And we've determined that you are eligible for a mortgage of a certain amount. 
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Can I apply for a mortgage before I find a property to purchase?
Yes, applying for a mortgage loan before you find a home may be the best thing you could do!
If you apply for your mortgage now, we'll issue an approval letter to you. You can use the prequalification letter to assure real estate brokers and sellers that you are a qualified buyer. Having a pre-qualification for a mortgage may give more weight to any offer to purchase that
you make. When you find the perfect home, you'll simply call your Mortgage Loan Officer to complete your
How are mortgage rates determined?
Mortgage interest rates fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including inflation, the pace of economic growth, and Federal Reserve policy.
Over time, inflation has the largest influence on the level of interest rates. A modest rate of inflation will almost always lead to low interest rates, while concerns about rising inflation normally cause interest rates to increase. Our nation's central bank, the Federal Reserve, implements policies designed to keep inflation and interest rates relatively low and stable
Does Enrichment offer reverse mortgages?
We do not offer reverse mortgages. However, Enrichment offers other great home loan options, including home equity lines of credit. Visit our Mortgage Loans page to learn more!
Does EFCU offer property loans?
Enrichment offers loans on undeveloped property. Visit our Mortgage Loan page for more information.
What are closing costs?
Closing costs generally include title insurance, flood certification and an appraisal. Ask us for details by visiting us at a branch or by contacting Member Services at 800.482.0049 or talk to a mortgage specialist today!
Does Enrichment offer construction loans?
Enrichment offers loans for the construction of your new home, with twelve months to build. Visit our mortgage loan page for more information!