Introducing Transaction Enrichment and Financial Wellness!

Enrichment is committed to helping you easily manage your finances and improve your financial well-being! Two new features are coming to online banking that will make it easier than ever for you to monitor transactions and analyze spending patterns for your account. Transaction Enrichment and Financial Wellness are new features coming to online banking and the mobile app on August 11th, 2020!
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Here’s what you can expect with these new features:

Transaction Enrichment

Have you ever wished that your transaction descriptions were easier to read and that your transactions would automatically categorize for your budgeting? Transaction Enrichment does that.
Every transaction that posts to your accounts will feature clear and concise descriptions, and automatically be assigned an appropriate spending category. For example, a transaction with the description of “#865402 WAL Wal-Mart S 2932 WAL-SAMS KNOXVILLE” today will be simplified to “WALMART” and will automatically be assigned the category “Shopping”. 
You will be able to set up rules to categorize your transactions, so you're in control.

Financial Wellness

Our new Financial Wellness widget is the first step in providing you enhanced tools to simplify the budgeting process and help manage your spending.

The initial release of this feature will provide a visual summary of categorized transactions across all your accounts for a selected timeframe. You will be able to view charts breaking down categorized expenses, lists of transactions for selected accounts and time period, and t your top spending categories.


The new Financial Wellness widget will replace the current budget tool when it goes live on August 11th, 2020. We have exciting enhancements planned for future releases of Financial Wellness such as: automated savings and goals, improved budgeting tools, predictive spending and more!

We look forward to providing you the tools to easily manage your finances!
For more information on these new features, view our Frequently Asked Questions