Let us help in all aspects of life. 

Enrichment has options for all of life's unexpected challenges. Our personal and share secured loans offer flexibility and convenience to fit your needs. We'll help cover it whether it's vacations, holidays, debt consolidation, or a major purchase. The money you need is always within reach. 

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Life can sometimes come at you fast and you need to react quickly. Whatever happens, Enrichment has you covered. 

Personal Lines
of Credit
Cover the unexpected with a personal line of credit. You only pay back what is used plus interest. What could be easier or give you more peace of mind?  

Share Secured
A share secured loan is for you if you have the funds but don't want to deplete your account or get a different loan. 
Looking for a low-rate credit card with rewards that pay you back? Let us help you find the right card to fit your financial needs today.