The debit card that pays you back.

Enrichment's Mastercard® Debit Card makes purchasing safe and convenient. Earn cash back rewards on purchases with your Mastercard® Rewards Debit card linked to your checking account. 

Best of all, you don't have to wait to get a new or replacement card. We can issue your card on the spot at any of our branches - for free so you can start enjoying exclusive benefits right away!

Features and Benefits
  • ATM access, including 70,000 nationwide surcharge free ATMs
  • EMV microchip technology 
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring
  • Safer than cash or checks
  • Online card controls
  • Compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet🇹🇲

Earn Cash Back Rewards

Earn 1/4% cash back every time you use your Enrichment Rewards Debit Mastercard® . From groceries to fuel and utility bills, your purchases will pay off. Cash back rewards are automatically credited to your account at the first of each month. Enrichment Mastercard Rewards debit card makes purchasing simple and convenient. Earn cash back rewards for all signature-based transactions with your Enrichment Rewards debit card. 

How do I get my cash back rewards?

Cash back rewards are deposited to your Ownership Rewards Account at the first of every month.

Earn even more with our Enrichment Mastercard Credit Card!

Want to maximize your earnings? Get 1% cash back on all transactions with an Enrichment Mastercard Rewards or Platinum Credit Card!

*up to $15 per month for debit card transactions

Lost your card?

To report a lost or stolen card, please contact us immediately at 1-800-482-0049. 

Want to give the Perfect Gift?

Enrichment offers VISA gift cards and prepaid travel cards that can be used wherever VISA cards are accepted. Choose any dollar amount from $25 to $500 with the comfort of knowing your gift is protected with Visa’s zero-liability policy.

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