What is remote deposit capture?
Remote Check Deposit allows you to deposit a check using your mobile device by taking a picture of the check and submitting it to the credit union. This feature is only available through our Enrichment Mobile Banking app. Once the Mobile App is loaded on a device, simply log-in, take a picture of both sides of a check, submit, and it will be deposited directly into your account. There are no fees associated with this convenient feature. 
Where do I download your mobile app?
Your Enrichment mobile banking app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free!
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I have text banking. What happens if I change my cell phone number?
If you have Text Banking, log into our full website, click the Mobile tab and delete the old phone number. Click the button to add your new mobile number to set up Text Banking.
What happens if I change my mobile device or wireless carrier?
You should still be able to log into your account using your login credentials from a different mobile device. If you have Text Banking and have changed the wireless carrier, log into your account from our full website, click the Mobile tab, remove you wireless number and add it again using the information for the new wireless carrier.
How do I use text banking?
The Text Banking number is 20479.
Text Bal for balances;
Hst for history
Stop to cancel Text Banking.