To send a wire transfer, simply stop by any Enrichment branch or call Member Services at 800-482-0049 for more information.

Wire transfer fees are $15.00 per domestic wire sent within the U.S., and $40 per international wire request. 

For more information about wire transfer fees, see our Fee Schedule (PDF).   

View all Wire Transfer FAQs below. 

What are your wiring instructions?
To send a wire to your account at Enrichment, you will need our routing number and your account number. You will also need your account information, such as name and address. 

Enrichment FCU routing number: 264281364

Enrichment FCU Address:
201 S. Illinois Ave.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

What information do I need to send a wire?
To send a wire transfer, stop by any Enrichment Branch or call us at 800.482.0049.

We will ask for the following information to send domestic or international wire transfers:
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Beneficiary’s bank name
  • Beneficiary’s bank’s routing, SWIFT, or IBAN number (if applicable)
What is the daily cutoff time for wires?

Wire transfers are typically processed on the same day if a complete request is received by 4:00pm EST. Requests received after the cutoff time, will be processed on the next business day. Requirements for additional verification may be needed, and may delay the processing of your wire transfer. 

How long will it take to receive a wire transfer to my account? 
It is our goal to make funds available as soon as we receive them. However, if the Credit Union feels further review or verification is needed, this may delay the availability of funds. 
What is a SWIFT code? 
A swift code is a unique identification code for a specific financial institution. It is used for international bank transactions and consists of 8 to 11 characters.

Enrichment does not have a SWIFT code or IBAN number, instead we have a Routing and Transit Number: 264281364. This number is used for both incoming domestic or international wires.
Is there a way to trace my wire to make sure it was received?
Enrichment can confirm that the wire is sent, however we are not able to verify when the funds are received by the beneficiary's financial institution.